About Susie

From her studio in Sussex, Susie has been creating a collection of flowers made from sterling silver. These flowers are intricately detailed recreations transposed into a long-lasting form. Through exploring how to capture each flowers unique characteristics, Susie’s has become focused on achieving fine details and floral aesthetics in her work.

As well as being amazed by the beauty and variety of nature’s flowers, Susie is attracted to how familiarity and comfort can be found in floral patterns. How the layers, the repetition, placement, and the techniques used in the construction of textiles and wallpaper design give balance and formation. There is a fine line in patterns, between what is visible and what can be accentuated by space, what is decorative detail and what is background structure.

Susie’s current work is an exploration to bring floral details, patterns, textile formation and decorative techniques together into new forms. Creating works of layered art jewellery and decorative sculptural pieces, that present the delicateness of flowers, floral patterns, and lace-like structures, in to wearable and displayable items.

All of Susie’s work is made using construction techniques as opposed to from casting. She uses 100% recycled precious metals, sometimes alongside non-precious metals, in the form of sheet, wire and tubing. She then joins them together through methods such as soldering, riveting, and stitching.

Susie has been exploring the natural colour pallet of silver, from its polished shine to its oxidised patina. She finds silver particularly interesting, how with time and wear it changes adding to the objects unique story. Susie also enjoys the inclusion of yellow, red, and white gold for their colour, contrast, allure and constructive strength.

Along with the layers and colours Susie tries to capture a narrative detail with echoes of nostalgia, through the delicate piercing out and the sculptural filing of patterns and shapes, evident in her work. Creating these visually appealing pieces for you to treasure, to wear, to decorate your home, to gift or to add as a more permanent, keepsake addition to your bouquet


MA Jewellery & Silversmithing (Distinction) - London Metropolitan University

BA Silversmithing & Metalwork - Camberwell College of Arts

Foundation Studies - Hastings College of Art & Design

Recent Exhibitions, Publications & Awards

Atelier Beside The Sea Open 2024 ~ 19th July – 8th September

Atelier OPEN 2024

Hassocks Artists Open Houses 2024 ~ 29th & 30th June

Sunbury Embroidery Gallery ~ March 5th – April 21st 2024


Art Fund


New Designers ~ June 2023

Benchpeg – Issue 771 2nd – 8th June 2023


MA Jewellery & Silversmith Award 2023 – London Metropolitan University