The Snowdrop silver flower artwork by Susie Garner Silversmith

The Snowdrop


‘The Snowdrop’ is an elegant swan-necked flower with a protective hood and thick cap. The cap holds the 3 large and delicately planished surface outer petals that have a subtle and light reflective texture. These outer petals in-turn hold within them 3 delicate inner tepals, 6 fine stamen and 1 even finer stigma.

Sold singularly these sterling silver snowdrops have 18ct gold plating areas and leaving the outer petals silver. These snowdrops are hallmarked.


Material: Sterling Silver & 18ct Gold Plating

Approximate Measurements: Height 29cm, Width 3cm, Depth 6cm

Availability: 2 in stock

Contact me to find out more about this piece or to commission a bespoke artwork.

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